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Blogging shoutouts…

Posted on June 29, 2009 in Blog | 0 comments

As a newbie, or “noob” as the kids call it these days, to blogging I have found myself perusing the web for blogs hoping to pick up a few pointers. One of my favorite blogs just happens to be written by a fellow creative here in Chicago. 15 Ideas by Kevin Lynch is a hilarious running commentary on all things related to the world of advertising. For those who live in Chicago, you will take a special interest in his posts, as about 50% of them relate back to this fine city. Here are my top 3, well or 4, (too many to choose from!) favorite posts from the blog:

1. Predicting the final 4 by branding…followed up by and then there were 2….yes I have a bias as well!

2. Fruit vs. Taco

3. Marketing of the States

4. Presidents & the internets

Hope you enjoy and laugh just as hard as I did! Its great to work in a industry that has an endless supply of content to analyze, ridicule and recreate.

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