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Pumpkin Designing

Posted on October 27, 2009 in Blog | 0 comments

Its that time of year again when the vacant spot in your local strip mall turns into a fantasy land filled with outrageous costumes, decorations and more, and a flood of candy hits every isle in the supermarket. Yes, its just a few short days until Halloween and to really get into the spirit I put my carving skills to the test.

In order to recreate the thrills of my childhood, my sister and friends got together to carve some pumpkins. I must admit, I haven’t carved a pumpkin in at least a decade, so this was really a treat. Being nostalgic and all, we purchased the $5 pumpkin carving set, you know the one with the plastic knives that you always break half way through your design, and picked out some a template and got started. The templates have really come a long way as far as quality goes and that made me thing, who is out there designing these? Unfortunately, I haven’t come across the answer to this question, but it just goes to show that design is everywhere!

And the finished product? Here’s a snapshot:

Halloween 2009

Halloween just isn’t for kids these days. Artists everywhere are getting in the spirit and making designs that are really out of this world! Here’s a collection of a few of my favorites:


Black Jack!

Day of the Dead



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