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Be Stupid?!?

Posted on April 8, 2010 in Blog | 0 comments

Diesel has always been known as a progressive and often controversial brand. Over the years they have continued to push sexuality, vulgarity and ultimately, fashion design. On a recent trip to Venice, Italy I was able to get a firsthand look at one of their most controversial ad campaigns. The campaign ‘Be Stupid’ focuses on some tongue and cheek phrases mixed with classic Diesel half naked, starving models in awkward ‘sexy’ poses.

Smart May Have

Diesel storefront - Venice, Italy

Yet, I must admit, this caught my attention. I even giggled at the phrase and felt more than compelled to try to awkwardly position myself to capture the whole storefront window image in the narrow street ways of Venice. I was even compelled to learn more about the campaign. Who produced it? (By the way its, Anomaly from London, if you’re wondering.) Where is it published? Why haven’t I seen it in Chicago?


So what did I find? Well for one, check out the very nice microsite for the campaign. Not only is it informative to the Diesel shopper, but I love the interactive ‘fridge magnets’ that you can move around to create your own ‘stupid’ phrase that you can then share with friends. (Gotta love that web 2.0 interaction!) But I must warn you…not all of the phrases are work friendly. The automatic message I got I couldn’t even share here!

Diesel Sample 'Fridge Mag' Saying

Diesel Sample 'Fridge Mag' Saying

But not everyone is excited or even happy with this campaign. From the blog We are the Real Deal:

The pathetic part about this is the ‘Be Stupid’ concept is a good one, a series of well thought out taglines meant to encourage teens and twenty somethings to take changes, make mistakes, and not be afraid of failure. But why, for the love of God, did they have to attach this inspirational campaign to a picture of a chick flashing her boobs to a security cam? Do they have no daughters, nieces, or young girls in their life? Would Diesel Execs be proud to show their kids this ad?

Well there it is…what’s your take on this campaign?

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