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Feelin’ trendy

Posted on May 10, 2010 in Blog | 0 comments

While I would hate to admit that I follow trends, (no I don’t have an iPhone…yet…) I most certainly read about them. To my surprise I have found myself ahead of the curve! Let’s take a journey back a few years…(you might be asking yourself how something in the past has to do with current trends, but stick with me here!)

site_portfolioWhen I first launched I pined over the best way to show/represent my portfolio. Designing for myself is something that I hate more than anything (yes, even more than doing dishes!) so I needn’t go into painful detail how I agonized and redesigned this layout numerous times. I finally decided on a horizontal scroll. Now to get to the point…Smashing Magazine has name ‘Horizontalism’ (aka – Horizontal Scrolling) a 2010 web trend. Unfortunately this layout didn’t make it to 2.0, but that is besides the point. What matters here is that I was ahead of the trends, a full 2 years ahead, at that!

Now, I realize there are many reasons, most noteded Apple’s coverflow, that it has taken so long for the horizontal scroll to become so popular. But let it be known that I was always a fan of the h-scroll and this is a trend that I will jump on the bandwagon for!

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