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Quotes to live by

Posted on December 19, 2012 in Blog | 0 comments

I’ve come across many great quotes while browsing the web, but here is a collection of a few of my favorites related to user interface & user experience design:

“The user will die if they discover, a gradient reversing upon a hover.”

– Mr. Karl Brightman          

On choosing a background color:

“Anything that resembles a Geocities theme circa 1997. Also, no marquees or anything that effing blinks. No animated GIFs. In fact you’d actually have to go out of your way to somehow mess up choosing a coloured background.”

Tyler Galpin          

“The design is done when the problem goes away.”

– Jason Fried, 2012 (via Luke W.)          

“Bad web navigation is like a roach motel – users go in, but they can’t get out.”

– Doren Berge        

“I don’t want to use my creative energy on somebody else’s user interface. ”

– Jeff Bezos          

“Making products easy can be hard work.”

– Vredenburg, Isensee, & Righi.        

“Users are not designers.”

– Jakob Nielsen        

“The public is more familiar with bad design than good design…The new becomes threatening, the old reassuring.”

– Paul Rand        

“Business success is always defined by the quality of the overall customer experience.”

– Forrester Research        

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