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Istribute – Video Hosting App Design

Posted on January 13, 2016 in UI Design | 0 comments

About the Project:
Istribute is a brand new video hosting platform that aims to be the easiest way to host video on your website. Simply drag and drop to upload a video and share your video via embed code, a url, email, facebook or twitter. Users can upload and host videos for free or create an account to manage all of their hosted files. Advanced users can even use the Istribute API to create their own video hosting solutions.

My Role:
I came into the Istribute project as the sole designer responsible for user flows, application user interface design and overall usability. Due to a short project timeline we decided to use an already existing UI styleguide that I had created, but simply adjust the colors so that they matched the Istribute branding. From there I created wireframes and user flows to nail down the layouts and functionality in the user accounts, dashboard, video uploading process and developer tools. After completing the layouts, we added the new re-skinned styleguide and tested for usability issues and bugs. Throughout the project I collaborated closely with a frontend developer to ensure the design was translated properly and the functionality was complete.